Managing Deteriorating PatientsRapid Response Team Handbook

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Now available for free in English, Spanish & Japanese

Managing Deteriorating Patients

1st edition 2018

Chalwin Jones Psirides Radford

A free eBook for everyone who responds to deteriorating hospital in-patients

This book has been written for team members and leaders of hospital rapid response teams who attend deteriorating patients. It provides pragmatic advice on a number of topics. These include:

Its authors are all intensive care specialists and experts in the field. They have been involved in the design, implementation and governance of rapid response systems across Australia and New Zealand at both local and national levels as well as teaching and researching in this area.

Evidence for the recommendations made are provided as a comprehensive reading list at the end of each chapter.

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Two authors of the Rapid Response Team Handbook are affiliated with the International Society For Rapid Response Systems. The society includes representatives from hospitals around the world. It provides educational resources and regular webinars for members and an annual meeting with international experts. If you find this book useful, it is likely membership of the Society will be too.

Managing Deteriorating Patients First edition 2018

Practical advice written by international experts in Rapid Response Systems. Available in English, Spanish & Japanese

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Illustrated Examples Extensive tables & graphics throughout

RRT flow chart Closed loop communication

Common Clinical Scenarios and how to manage them

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In English

Managing Deteriorating Patients
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En Español

Abordaje del paciente con deterioro clinico
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Spanish translation by Dr.Alejandro Elguea (President of the Mexican Association for the Formation of Rapid Response Teams - AMFERR) and colleagues.

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We are indebted to our Japanese colleagues for translating the entire book so that it may reach a larger audience.

The project was supervised by:
Dr. Shigeki Fujitani
Dr. Kazuaki Atagi
Dr. Masatoshi Okumura

Specific chapters were translated by:
Dr. Masatoshi Okumura
(Chapters 1,2,3)
Dr. Shinsuke Fujiwara
(Chapters 4,5)
Dr. Hiromu Naraba (Chapters 6,7,8)
Dr. Kohei Yamada (Chapters 9,10)
Dr. Yoshihisa Fujimoto
(Chapters 11,12)
Dr. Junichiro Iio (Chapters 13,14)
Dr. Shota Tanabe (Chapters 15,16)
Dr. Yasunobu Goto (Chapters 17,18)
Tracking downloads from here will help us decide if a second edition is worthwhile. For feedback, suggestions, questions or comments, please use the blue envelope icon to the left.
In keeping with the Free Open-Access Medical Education (FOAMed) ethos, the book will always be available to download, free of charge, from this website. If you find anyone attempting to sell this book, please let us know.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
This means it is free to download and share with others as long as the original authors are credited but it cannot be changed in any way nor used commercially.
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The English version of the book is currently available in both PDF and ePub formats. No Kindle version will be available as Amazon don't allow books to be given away for free. The index and all references are linked to the relevant chapters and PubMed citations respectively.

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Most modern computers and smartphones have built-in PDF readers. A variety of different software packages will read the ePub format.